Rim Design Project

In this project we are going to use Inventor to design a rim and tire combination that might be used on a car.

This project will allow us to become familiar with the tools in Inventor including sketching, extruding, filleting, and placing parts in an assembly drawing. Make a rim as an .ipt file then complete a tire as a separate .ipt. Assemble them into an assembly drawing (.iam) and then, finally into a drawing file (.idw) showing the standard views (front, top, RHS) and an isometric view.

Wheel-and-Tire-Packages.jpgFor our rim let's all use the following dimensions and characteristics:
Outside diameter
Bolt diameter
Hub diameter
Bolt circle diameter
Tire Width
Tire Beads(height\width)
Your rim and tire combination must be done as two inventor part files (.ipt) and assembled together in an assembly (.iam) and finally presented in a drawing file (.idw) You should show all dimensions clearly and make your rim as creative and fun (yet functional) as possible. Be artistic but make sure that your rim would actually work! Make a couple different designs and choose the best version. Save your drawing as a pdf file for later upload to your portfolio. A rubric is included below. Samples of previous rim designs are shown in the link below.