Engineering Design and Production

Engineering - Using Science and Math to design a product, service or system.

Design - Taking an engineering "idea" or concept and figuring out how to actually produce or make it. Draw it so that someone else can make it.

Production - The act of construction or making what was previously an idea; turning it into a real product.

10 Guiding concepts in the use of Technology -

Everything we make or apply technology to can be seen in light of the 10 guiding principles below:

  1. Structure - How are the parts organized?
  2. Material - What is it made of?
  3. Fabrication - How is it made; by what process?
  4. Mechanism - What are the parts that function together to make it work?
  5. Power and Energy - What drives it? What provides it's source of energy?
  6. Controls - How is it regulated or controlled?
  7. Systems - What combination of inter-related parts is required for it to work?
  8. Function - What is it's purpose? How does it work? What does it do?
  9. Aesthetics - How does it look and feel?
  10. Ergonomics - Can people use it effectively and repetitively without getting hurt?