Drawing Types

There are many types of drawings used in technology. Think about the building of a house and how many different types of drawings are required:
  1. Plot Plan showing the layout of the land and buildings on it
  2. Foundation drawings showing the footings, pilings, walls and sub-surface materials which support the house
  3. Floor plans - the plan view (top down) of each of the floors
  4. Framing plans - showing how the individual walls are "framed" with vertical and horizontal members
  5. Elevations showing the building fascade from different viewpoints
  6. Section view showing the "cut-through" view taken at a complicated place to visualize
  7. Detail drawings which show things like trim and interior finishing details
  8. Conceptual drawings which show the builder's or architect's vision for how the house will look in it's environment when completed.

Some other drawing types are listed below:
  • Orthographic Projections
  • Isometric Drawings
  • Perspective Drawings
  • Sketches
  • Exploded diagrams

The two that we will use most often:
  • Orthographic Projections - literally "At right angles"
  • Isometric Drawings - literally "Equal angles"

Orthographics Quiz 1