Bubble Gum Machine

In this project you are going to create a Bubble Gum (BBG) Dispensing machine, made out of pine that will dispense one ball of GumballMachine.jpgBBG at a time. For your BBG machine to work correctly, your work will have to be precise and methodical. The link below is an orthographic projection of the BBG machine.

You will first design the parts using Inventor and then assemble them into an assembly. All of your parts must be properly dimensioned using an IDW drawing as well before you can begin building. Your IDW should also contain a parts list with all of the parts correctly named and labelled. Please also include a Procedure list under the Procedure page of your web site.

Your research, finished designsand procedure list must be posted to your web portfolio in the appropriate page. As well your portfolio should contain a page of reflections which are completed after you finish the project. Include a photo of your finished BBG machine.

Your finished BBG machine should look something like the one pictured above.