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Feb 1-2 Introduction

  • Thu - Welcome back! This site will serve as our course guide.
    • Our Motto: "I hear, I forget. I see, I understand. I do, I remember."
      • General Concept: Design + Build. [RDR] - Research, Design and reflect.
      • Course outline
      • Requirements:
        • Computer User ID and Password Student [No Password]
        • Bring a USB for Backup and CNC
        • Please pick a spot to work and keep that seat for the semester - These machines are "off grid" so to speak - They save locally(D:\) not on the school network. Please understand where they are saving work or I promise you, you will lose it!
        • Pencil and Paper
        • A good attitude What else is required:
        1. Get here on time,
        2. No food or drinks @ computer,
        3. Put your phones away in class (Or I will take them)
        4. Book bags and bulky coats are left at the door
        5. If I'm in the shop, you're in the shop
        6. Deadlines for projects (Lates)
        7. Everybody cleans up! No exceptions
  • Fri - Orthographic and Isometric Drawing _ IKEA first
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Feb 5-9 Portfolios and Inventor

  • Mon - Drafting -Orthographic Drawing practice - Making Plans
    • Drawing Package - Please complete sheets D1, D2, F2
    • If you don't finish, these are homework
    • Drafting package is due Friday Feb 9
    • If you finish the drafting package let me know!
  • Tue - Rim Design and Inventor
    • Drafting packages are due Friday
    • Inventor Tutorial
    • Inventor tutorial - Let's have a look at Inventor: Interface, sketch panel, tools, dimensioning, model mode, etc.
    • Our first project will get us used to the software and will involve an automobile Rim Design
    • Before you start work on your computer - Please add Agenda page to your Toolbar - Bookmark this page please
    • Don't forget to make a Folder for yourself - LASTNAME - on the D:\ of your computer - BE MINDFUL OF WHERE YOU SAVE!
    • Getting started with Inventor - Rim design
  • Wed - Portfolios - Please Create your portfolio - Send me the link when done!! Share with me ( make me co-owner please)
    • Please sign-In to Chrome - Make Bookmarks visible - Bookmark in your toolbar this wikipage
    • Please use ONLY My Template for this class only TDJ20 - Blue background
    • Assembly drawings and constraining (Creating assemblies and drawing files) in Inventor
    • How do you put a copy of your Finished Rim on your web page? Screenshot
    • When the rim is complete, save a jpg to your portfolio (TODAY'S Tutorial)
    • If finished Rim, complete the drawings in your drawing package.
  • Thu - Rims, Portfolios and drafting packages
    • Rim design - continue to work on - finished jpg loaded onto your portfolio - Making tires and assemblies and drawings
    • How do we make an Assembly and Drawing file? IDW Tutorial and screen shots! transferring to portfolio
    • Portfolios - Let's get started making our portfolios
    • Drawing packages tomorrow
  • Fri - Continue with Rim project, Portfolio setup
    • Rim projects are due at the end of class
    • Your Drafting packages and Portfolio Setup are due Today - please finish and hand in
    • Please work on your Rims - Upload to your portfolio
    • Safety starts Monday!
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Feb 12-16 Safety

  • Mon - Let's Begin Safety today - Your Drafting packages were due Friday: LAST CALL
    • Please complete and send me a link to your portfolio if you haven't done so NOW! Thx.
    • There are 8 students in Period one and 3 in Period 3.
    • Note - Please take note of at least 10 safety tips for each machine
    • Let's Watch - Emo Philips on the table saw
    • Band saw
    • Excellent Band Saw video
  • Tue - Safety - Course selection presentations
  • Wed -Safety - Sanders (Belt, Disc and Spindle)
    • Mitre Saw
      • Planer and the Jointer
      • Don't forget you need an 85% on the safety test to work in the shop!
      • Your first attempt mark sticks!
  • Thu - Today Please review the Scroll Saw Safety resources.
    • And the General Safety resources
    • If you finish you can check out the Sanders (Belt, Disc and Spindle)
    • When finished please consolidate your all your notes in one document. Remember you should have 8-10 safety notes specific to each machine. Ask if you need more paper.
    • It may be easier to make a google document for safety and link it to your portfolio
    • Or alternately make a safety page on your portfolio and put all of your notes there.
    • CONSIDER this a review for our safety test early next week!
    • I am going to collect a copy of these notes before our test.
    • Have a great long weekend!
  • Fri - PA DAY
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Feb 19-23 Safety and BBG

  • Mon - Family Day
  • Tue - Let's review the Scroll Saw Safety resources.
  • Wed - Safety Review (Band Saw, Drill Press, Planer, Jointer, Sanders, Mitre saw)
    • BBG introduce (link below)
  • Thu - Safety Test - Please hand in a copy of your safety notes before writing your test!
    • BBG design
    • Alternate BBG
    • Woodgears template gear generator is here
    • Let's introduce the Bubble Gum Machine project
    • After safety test, let's begin design
  • Fri - BBG Design continues
    • Sketches on a new plane
    • Safety Retest is Monday
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Feb 26-Mar 2 BBG Start Building

  • Mon - Safety Re-test
    • Safety Re-writes are today
    • If you need to re-write the safety test, you need to hand in your completed notes on 8 safety rules for each specific machine BEFORE re-writing.
    • Continue BBG design
    • Don't forget to complete your portfolio as you go!
    • upload your design to portfolio
  • Tue - BBG Design and or Construction
    • BBG construction begins if ALL have passed safety
    • Shop Notes
  • Wed - BBG Design
  • Thu - BBG Finish Designs including portfolios
    • Safety Tests: (P1 Eugene and Andrew)
    • Safety tests: Period 1 (Salman, Nic, Morgan, Kyle, Josh) Period 4 (Barry, Abi TM, Dale)
  • Fri - BBG Material prep
    • Get 1 x 6 stock, joint and plane, CNC
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Mar 5-9 BBG 2

  • Mon - BBG construction continues
  • Tue - BBG
  • Wed - BBG
  • Thu - BBG
  • Fri - Today we will polish up and fully complete all missing parts of the portfolio:
    • If you are COMPLETELY finished, you may begin to think about your bush camp chair designs
    • Research - search and save at least 3 images for candidates for your chair designs
    • Complete this part of the portfolio - edit your introduction, and research, and you may even start your plans

- - - S P R I N G B R E A K - - - Mar 12-16
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Mar 19-23 BBG 3

  • Mon - BBG - finishing up early next week
    • Please see that your portfolio is complete with reflection
  • Tue - BBG
  • Wed - BBG
  • Thu - BBG
    • Next week - begin Joinery
  • Fri - BBG
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Mar 26-30 Joinery

  • Mon - Today we're finishing up BBG machines
    • Continue working on BBG machines (tomorrow last day!)
  • Tue - Last day BBG project
    • Please complete portfolio reflection and submit BBG to mezzanine
    • Please include a photo of your completed BBG in your reflection
  • Wed - Introduce Joinery
  • Thu - Joinery Research and Design
    • Research which joints you would like to use and where
    • Draw each piece in Inventor and then assemble them together in a drawing file
    • Provide an orthographic Drawing file when your assembly is done showing top, front, RHS and ISO views in their correct place
    • Be sure your assembly has dimensions so that you can use it to build your frame
  • Fri - Easter - Good Friday
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Apr 2-6 Joinery 2

  • Mon - Easter Monday
  • Tue- OSSLT prep day
  • Wed - Work on your Design drawings today
    • Construction begins Thursday
    • Prepare stock (1.5" wide x 3/4" thick x 50" long)
    • Prepare: Plane to 3/4" and joint the best side (only one side!!!)
    • Bring to the table saw - I'll rip to 1.5" for you
    • Please work with PRECISION and AVOID the sanders.
    • Print and bring your plan out into the shop for your dimensions
    • You must know the size of each of your pieces; RESIST the temptation to cut them up into 8" and 16" pieces. Leave pieces a little long so as to be able to trim.
    • You must have an understanding of the procedure BEFORE you start to build!
    • Sharp pencil required !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Thu - Last day for drawings
    • Drawings due at the end of class
    • Constuction begins tomorrow
  • Fri - Joint Frame Construction Begins
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Apr 9-13 Joinery 3

  • Mon - Joint Frames
    • Let the construction begin. Stock prep
  • Tue - Joint Frames
  • Wed - Joint Frames
  • Thu - Joint Frames
  • Fri - Joint Frames
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Apr 16-20 Bush Camp Chairs

  • Mon - Snow day
  • Tue - Joinery unit wrapping up tomorrow
  • Wed - Last day in the shop for joinery
  • Thu - Bush Camp Chair Begins
    • Introduce project
    • MasterCAM tutorial
    • Please complete portfolio research including possible logos, etc
    • Portfolio setup and Design Drawings in Inventor
  • Fri - Design Day for Bush Camp chair
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Apr 23-27 Bush Camp Chair 2

  • Mon - FINAL FINAL FINAL day for Joint Frames!
    • All Frames must be finished, taped and left upstairs
    • Joinery Portfolios are due now as well
    • If you have finished the Joinery project COMPLETELY - You may begin design of your Bush Camp Chair
  • Tue - Bush Camp Chairs day of design
  • Wed - Bush Camp Chairs - Design day
  • Thu - Bush Camp Chairs - Lamination tutorials
    • Portfolios and MasterCAM design finish up
  • Fri - PA Day
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Apr 30-May 4 Bush Camp chair 3

  • Mon - Portfolio work day - Continue on your designs
  • Tue - Cedarview Gr7 girls visit day - So we're finishing up our designs in preparation for work in the shop tomorrow
    • Your Bush Camp chair portfolio should be finished by the end of today (except reflection)
    • Please have everything ready to go tomorrow: Plans, Design, Procedure list, Portfolio, etc.
    • You will need to have your MasterCAM files on a USB drive to CNC your chair
  • Wed - Bush Camp chair work begins
  • Thu - Bush Camp chair work continues
  • Fri - Bush Camp chair work continues
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May 7-11 Bush Camp chair 4

  • Mon - Construction continues
  • Tue - Portfolio Catch up today
    • Good time to start your reflection about how this current project is going!
    • Please finish anything undone from previous projects and your current project
    • Give some thought to our summative; It will be a footstool. You might begin the research.
  • Wed - Bush Camp chair work continues
  • Thu - Bush Camp chair work continues
  • Fri - Bush Camp chair work continues
week of

May 14-18 Bush Camp chair 5

  • Mon - Continue working on Bush Camp Chair
  • Tue - Continue working on the bush Camp Chair
  • Wed - Continue work on bush camp chairs
  • Thu - Continue work on bush camp chairs
  • Fri - Chairs are due at the end of class today (upstairs in the Mezanine)
    • When your chair is finished, please complete your reflection
    • Fill in anything else incomplete on your portfolio
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May 21-25 Summative 1

  • Mon - Victoria Day
  • Tue - Today we'll start our Summative Design - SUMMATIVE DUE DATE: Friday June 15 - No lates.
    • For those of you wishing to put a finish on your chairs, we will go into the shop half-way through the period and "finish" them off. Today id the FINAL day.
    • All chairs that need to be marked should be upstairs in the mezzanine at the end of class (If your chair was drying on Friday, please move it upstairs)
    • Please put your chairs with your class
  • Wed - Summative Design day
  • Thu - Summative Design day
  • Fri - Summative Design Finalizing
week of

May 28-Jun 1 Summative 2

  • Mon - Summative Construction Begins
    • Your summatives are due Friday Jun 15 in the mezannine end of class
    • No extensions or late hand-ins
    • Please prepare your web portfolio, (Research, Inventor designs, Procedure and cut list) for construction which starts tomorrow
  • Tue - Summative construction
  • Wed - Summative construction
  • Thu - Summative construction
  • Fri - Summative Construction
week of

Jun 4-8 Summative 3

  • Mon - Summative Construction
  • Tue -Summative Construction
  • Wed - Summative Construction
  • Thu - Summative Construction
  • Fri - Summative Construction
week of

Jun 11-15 Summative End

  • Mon - Summative construction
  • Tue - Summatives are due at the end of class Friday in the Mezzanine
    • Please be sure your name is on your project
    • Please be sure to place it with the rest of the classes projects

  • Wed -Summatives
  • Thu - Summatives
  • Fri - Summatives
    • All projects are due in the mezzanine at the end of class today.Please be sure your name is on them.
    • Portfolios are also due and will be marked this weekend! Please complete your reflection.