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Appropriate Behaviour

Safety is a crucial concern when working in a Technological Design Lab. Accidents normally occur as a result of people’s carelessness, not through any fault of a machine. Working safely requires knowledge, concentration, mature responsible attitude, common sense, respect and for you to follow these safety rules at all times.
These rules are designed to protect the lab and your educational experience. Failure to comply can result in notification to your parents, and reduction in your lab priviledges.
OCDSB RULES Before being allowed to use the school's computers, EVERY STUDENT is responsible for understanding the Acceptable Use Policy for Computers. Read them now - Pay particular attention to Procedures 4.1 and 4.4 beyond!
  1. No Horseplay - EVER!
  2. No Food or Drinks in the computer labs
  3. Turn Cellphones and MP3 Players OFF
  4. Help care for the machines
    1. Do not do anything that will mar or compromise the machines...ever!
    2. Be patient with computers that crash or freeze - it WILL happen often due to the demanding software we use in the course. It's your responsibility to anticipate and prevent data loss
    3. Do not use the computer as a personal music player - either by playing a music CD or by streaming media through the network; it puts unnecessary wear and tear on the hardware and on the school's bandwidth
  5. Respect your classmates
    1. Use earbuds to audit sound in your projects
    2. NEVER do anything that might cause a student to lose their work
    3. If you see another student has accidentally left their user account open, close it for them - they'll do the same for you.
  6. Do not modify the Computer hardware or software
    1. Leave all and peripherals (ie. computer mouse) and cables as you find them
    2. Do not attempt to:
      1. Install or Modify Programs
      2. Modify control panel settings or screen display unnecessarily
  7. Please shut down the computers at the end of the period
    1. Not just your own, but any in your row that were left on accidentally
    2. Not just the monitor, but the CPU as wellBehaviour | Clothing | Tools | Video Links